UK Families: The Tarratt family

Tarratt: Family Group Name: Tarratt Period: 1760-1850

Geographic Area: Burton-on-Trent, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Scotland, New Zealand

Summary: This family group name comes from a surname used as a second christian name. The actual Titterton-Tarratt marriage if it happened has not been found. It could be the maiden name of a maternal Grandmother. The first John Tarratt Titterton was the son of a Mary Titterton who died in Burton-on-Trent in 1811. He had a brother, Thomas and a sister, Ellen. Who was their father? There are suitable baptisms for the three children with a mother Mary, BUT the father’s christian name is given variously as Thomas, William, and Richard. Other evidence suggests that Richard is probably the father. There is a connection with the Worthington brewers at Burton-on-Trent. Later the family became brush makers in Birmingham. Did the industrial processes employed bring about the early death of one of the John Tarratt Tittertons at the age of 36 and his son William at the age of 29. John’s widow retired to Leamington Spa with her three unmarried daughters. This century two brothers adopted the surname Maitland-Titterton.

Present Day Descendants: Maitland-Tittertons and families in England Scotland and New Zealand.