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Although the Titterton surname is not a common one, it is now found worldwide. All Tittertons today must have had some connection with each other. Unfortunately the records have not survived to prove it!

The original website was built in 2000 and is out of date.  This is a new website being built to replace it.  It  is being written more in the form of a story of the family’s development and expansion and covers a number of areas.  There is an explanation of the origin of the family.  Then chapters deal with different main branches of the family.   They deal with individuals, where they lived and their careers.  There are also Chapters on a number of families that have yet to be tied to a main branches.

One of the ‘Appendixes’ is made up of some of the old webpages with genealogical information on them which will be transferred as each new chapter is finished.

If you have any information about Tittertons  then I will be pleased to hear from you.The story of the Titterton Family

gathering photo jpeg

People at the 2002 Titterton Family Gathering in Alstonfield Village Hall.


Safe plate made by the Birmingham industrialist.


Grindon Church

Perhaps one third of the Tittertons worldwide are descended from George Titterton born in Grindon about 1657.