The story of the Titterton Family

started in Cheshire before 1300 and had moved to the North Staffordshire village of Astonefield by 1400.  Since then the name has spread worldwide.

The following Chapters are used to recount the lives and journeys of many menbers of the family.  (The website is still being created so some links may not have been installed yet)

  1. Where and when the surname started
  2. Statistical proof of the Surname’s origin
  3. Early UK families: Alstonefield and Narrowdale Farm
  4. Early UK families: Cauldon and Grindon
  5. Early UK families: Ashbourne
  6. Grindon 1600 onwards
  7. London based families
  8. Other UK Cities
  9. Other Derbyshire and Staffordshire families
  10. Families outside the UK