Titterton Family Heraldry

The Titterton name has been associated with two coats of arms.

Titterton  on White jpg

One was granted to the author of this website in 1992.  The design of the arms is based on the cross raguly of the medieval Tydrington family.  The 3 Stafford knots emphasise the strong connection with the county. John lived only 3 miles from Stafford, and Stafford Castle was visible from his home.

The crest is used at the top of each page of this web site. The Light Sussex cockerel standing inside a horseshoe combines the past and the present. John was brought up on a farm which specialised in Light Sussex poultry and hence the Light Sussex cockerel in the crest.

Edensor arms

The horseshoe represents the family’s history.  John’s full name is John Edenzor Titterton and is thus a member of the Edensor branch. The horse shoe is taken from the arms of the Edensor family of Hartington, Derbyshire. They in turn had adopted it to show their connection to the powerful Ferrers family, Earls of Derby. Around 1220 William de Ferrers had granted land in Hartington to the Edensors.

The badge combines the horseshoe with a lightning bolt. John is an Electrical Engineer.