Finding your branch of the family

Over 70 different ‘branches’ of the Titterton ‘family’ have been given ‘nicknames’. Many are interrelated and they belong to perhaps 20 families. These nicknames have been chosen from:

•Villages or towns where they lived

•Farms where they lived

•Unusual or uncommon Christian names – many based on maiden names of a wife.

Look for a nickname which might fit your branch in the table below and follow the link.

 Clay CrossSLY
 Coxon GreenGrindon
 Earl SterndaleDerbyshire
 Leamington SpaTarratt
 London(at least 4 families)London
 Margaret River (Aus)SLY
 McAndrew Bay NZSLY
 Middleton (by-Youlgreave)Derbyshire
 New ZealandSLY, Tarratt
 South AfricaGrindon
 Staines (Christian Name)London