My talks

My interest in Heraldry, Family History and Local History has taken me down many interesting routes. For some of these I have produce a 50 minute or so presentation which I give to mainly Family and Local History Societies. These are listed below. They are mostly PowerPoint and so can be presented by Zoom.

Speaker’s fee:  £25 per talk plus travelling expenses at 30p per mile. (I live in Ashbourne Derbyshire.)

Local History

St Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne.
Ashbourne, a town through the centuries.
Victorian Ashbourne
Ashbourne in 1500; the will of Anne Kniveton
Archaeology at two medieval sites Purley (bones) and Whitgreave (floor tiles).

Family History
Autosomal DNA and One Name Studies.
Pinpointing the origin of a surname.
Carrying out a One Name Study.
Making the most of a will.
One Name Studies; puzzles and surprises.
Records before the Tudors; what chance.


English Heraldry: An Introduction
English Tudor Heraldic glass in Philadelphia
The Grisaille and Heraldic Glass at Norbury, Derbyshire
From Guillim to Boutell: Heraldic Manuals Centuries Apart
The Heraldic glass at Ockwell’s Manor
The Lost heraldry of Sir Henry Lee, Queen’s Champion, d. 1611
The Tudor Peerage in the Adlington Roll
Two Early Grants of Arms; Bruggford 1415 and Whitgreave 1442
The Valence Casket
What a Canton Can Tell
Cheshire & Lancashire Gentry from the Adlington Roll
Chinese Armorial Porcelain
A Derbyshire Heraldic Miscellany