UK families – Overview

The Titterton surname started at Narrowdale Farm in the parish of Alstonefield, Staffordshire before 1400.  By 1600 it had spread from Alstonefield to Cauldon and Grindon in Staffordshire and to Ashbourne in Derbyshire.  Such was the draw of London that there were also Tittertons found there at this date.

In addition to these early families three more families appeared in the 1700s who are the ancestors of many Tittertons alive today.  These families are called the SLY, Tarrett and Tamworth families. Details of these main families are found by following the links below:-

Early UK families: Alstonefield and Narrowdale Farm

Early UK families: Ashbourne

Early UK families: Cauldon and Grindon

 UK families: Shirley, Longford and Yeavely (SLY). This is a large Titterton family which settled in the Derbyshire villages of Shirley, Longford and Yeaveley.

UK families: The Tarratt family is so named because of the use of Tarratt as a second Christian name.  This came from the marriage of a Richard Titterton to a Mary Tarratt in 1762 at Ashby de la Zouch.  The marriage took a long time to find as it was indexed as Richard Fitterton marrying Mary Farratt

UK families: The Tamworth family descend from a John Titterton son of Mary Titterton who was christened at Hints, Staffs, in 1809.

From the early 1700s Titterton families popped all over the UK and in what was then the British colonies.  Most such families descend from the Ashbourne, Grindon and SLY families and to a lesser extent the Tarratt and Tamworth families.  In addition to webpages for each of these groupings (links given above), other webpages have been made for these smaller families based on the counties or cities where they lived.

The situation is not simple.  People from completely different branches can end up living in the same city. Also in later centuries new Tittertons arrived back at Ashbourne and Alstonefield.  These smaller families have also been given nicknames as have some of the sub-branches of the main ones above.  Guidance as to how you might find your branch of the family using these nicknames is given on the Finding your branch of the family page.