Deepdale – Kemberton

It follows on from the page Grindon 1600 onwards – Deepdale Farm.

George b.1689 lived in Grindon. His family developed non-conformist tendencies. He died in Grindon in 1751. He had two sons, George and Isaac. Isaac died in his late 20s unmarried and George moved from Grindon to Kemberton. The church records for the family are not easy to follow because of the non-conformist belief. Either there is no entry in the local Church of England parish register or a number of children are christened en block. Many entries are to be found at Madeley and Kemberton. Its probable that sons of two of his sons settled in parts of Shropshire. George had three sons: (Go back)

George b 1764 Nothing is known about his family if any.

Isaac b. 1767 (Australia, Canada, Handsworth, Shifnal, Shropshire)

William b.1772 (South Africa, Shropshire)

Isaac b.1767 married Ann Warren and they had six sons and three daughters. The sons were:

George b.1795 May have had a family in Shropshire

James b.1798 May have had a family in Shopshire

Isaac b.1800 Deported to Australia 1820 for having forged banknotes where there are a number of descendants.

John b.1810? Son John Ward lived at Shifnal, Shropshire. Descendant Proctor Ward b.1902 emigrated to Canada where descendant John Edward and family live near Toronto.

William Warren b.1812? Nothing is known about his family if any.

Joseph b.1820? Settled in Birmingham. His son George was an industrialist living in Handsworth and associated with the Chamberlin family. George’s son was Frank Titterton, the Operatic singer. (Go back)

William b.1772married Elizabeth Cliftin 1799 at Stirchley and had six sons and two daughters. They sailed for South Africa June 4 1819. The majority (possibly all) of Tittertons in South Africa are descended from William. The family returned to England on a number of occasions. One son John Clift, married at Sutton Maddocks in Shropshire, UK, in 1828 an Ann Titterton and they had two children christened there. The daughter married there in 1858. Her father John Clift died from a fall from his horse in Port Elizabeth in 1850. Another member of thefamily Ella Titterton ‘born in Cape Colony’ is living with an uncle in Essex in the 1881 Census.