Families living outside the UK

This page looks at families living outside the UK and gives details, where known, of the parent family in England.  It is based on the page of the old website and will be updated as time permits.  Tittertons are now be found world wide. An early reference is to a Daniel Titterton living in Boston(USA) in 1657. There is no evidence that he has any present day male descendants.  Detailed below are intended to guide the reader to another webpage in the site relating to the family of origin in the UK.

AUSTRALIA  (NSW, Margaret River, Perth, Percival.)

There are two main family groupings in Australia and smaller ones. Of the two larger families, one started in New South Wales in 1819 after being deported. The other began in Margaret River, Victoria about 1920.

1. New South Wales

In 1819 Isaac Titterton was tried in London for ‘having forged banknotes’ He was deported to NSW and eventually established his own family. He had four surviving sons and a number of grandsons. Isaac was the son of Isaac Titterton and Ann Warren and stemmed from the Kemberton branch of the Grindon family.

2. Margaret River

This family is a branch of the SLY family from Derbyshire. Arthur Titterton and his wife Prudence Taylor emigrated to Western Australia and the family has expanded.

3. Perth.

Two brothers, Edward Richard and William Birch Titterton emigrated to Perth in the 1920s. William had two daughters while Edward had two daughters and a son. The son was killed in action in the last few months of WW II but did leave a son Donald. Donald has three daughters.

Edward and Richard were sons of William Titterton and grandsons of William Titterton who married Mary Birch. William and Mary were the ones who left Deepdale farm in Grindon where the family had farmed for nearly 200 years

4. Percival Titterton was deported to Australia in the early 20th Century but it is unknown whether he had any family. He was a member of the Cheadle branch of the Grindon family.


The Titterton family in Bermuda are a branch of the Tamworth family.


At least four family groups are found in Canada. At least three are branches of the Grindon family.

Canada 1

John Edward Titterton living in Toronto is the son of Proctor Ward Titterton who emigrated to Canada. Both the latter’s Christian names come from the surnames of his grandmother and great-grandmother respectively. Ward Proctor came from a branch of the Kemberton family which originally came from Grindon.

Canada 2

In 1972 I wrote to a Mr Fred Titterton who was living in Toronto and had three sons living in the area. Fred had been orphaned as a young child and eventually sent to Canada by Dr Barnardos. His father and grand father had both been called Thomas William and came from Stoke on Trent. Thomas William senior was the grandson of Anthony of the Grindon family.

Canada 3

David George Titterton’s family also came from Stoke-on-Trent but are part of the Cheadle branch of the Grindon family

Canada 4

Kieth Titterton is the grandson of Arthur Titterton, a merchant seaman who was killed in WW I. The family connection here is difficult to follow.


There are two references to Tittertons in New Zealand. Ernest Patrick, b.1874, who emigrated with his wife Agnes Graham with his family was a member of the Tarratt family. Also when searching the web I found an undated passenger list for a ship Dauntless. Its passengers included a family of Tittertons.


All references to Tittertons in SA point them all being descendants of William Titterton who sailed there in 1. William was a member of the Kemberton branch of theGrindon family


A good amount of research has been carried out in the States by John Dewitt Titterton of Pennsylvania. He descends from a William Titterton who emigrated to New York.  Hie family were part of a coach making family from Shoreditch in London and go back to a Henry Titterton whose son Joseph was born about 1729.

There is another branch of this family in New York.  William’s brother George also emigrated.  A third family in the USA are descended from the Sheffield family.